Creative Illusions: Arch Enemies 创意的幻想:友?敌?

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While reading comics on his iPad, Simon Page was inspired to create a very clever set of illustrations. As he looked at the Spiderman comic from 1999, he started thinking about how there’s always two sides to ever story – that of good and evil, of hero and villain.A fan of minimalism, Page keeps his designs simple and fresh. Like the modern-day version of the Two Faces/Candlestickoptical illusion or the Young Lady/Old Lady one, Page’s Spider-Man/Goblin and Batman/Penguin give you a different experience, depending on your perspective.

虽然他的iPad上阅读漫画,西蒙获得了灵感,创造一个非常聪明的插图。他看着蜘蛛侠漫画从1999年起,他开始思考如何总是有双方不断的故事 – 的善良与邪恶,极简的的英雄和villain.A风扇,使他的设计简单和新鲜。像现代版的两副面孔/ Candlestickoptical幻觉或闺秀​​/老妇人一,页Spider-Man/Goblin和蝙蝠侠/企鹅给你一个不同的体验,取决于你的观点。

The ongoing series will not only include superheros but will also include the likes of James Bond and Luke Skywalker. Because in Page’s words, “For every hero there is a villain of some description.”