Habibis-Restaurant branding-餐厅品牌VI

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Habibis is an Arabic-Mexican fusion taqueria located in San Pedro Garza García, a city enriched by the culinary treats of its third generation Arab immigrants. Previously a humble taco stand, Habibis approached us with the task of creating a brand that communicated the foods\\’ exceptional mixed background and quality without losing its street-friendly and casual demeanor.

Our proposal is a brand that adapts stylized Arabic calligraphy to a typical Mexican street setting, complete with neon colors and inexpensive materials, like craft paper bags.

Deep research and careful understanding of the Arabic alphabet was needed to design, using calligraphic pens and special brushes, the various words and signage in both Arabic and Latin. The custom type is accompanied by Gotham, a gentle and neutral typeface that would allow the bespoken logotypes to stand out above everything else. The pattern is based on traditional keffiyeh (a Middle Eastern headdress fashioned from a square scarf) and gorgeously intrinsic mosaic patterns.

Habibis 是位于圣佩德罗 · 加尔萨 · 加西亚,丰富了其第三代阿拉伯移民的美食城市阿拉伯语墨西哥融合饼店。以前卑微的摆摊,Habibis 向我们走来的任务是创建一个品牌,而不会丢失其街友好和随意的风度传达食物的特殊混合的背景和质量。
深入研究和仔细了解阿拉伯语字母表中的字母被需要设计,使用书法钢笔和特殊笔刷、 的各种言语和阿拉伯文和拉丁语的标牌。自定义类型被伴随着高谭市,一个温柔和中性的字体,将允许使用的铅字,站出来高于一切。模式基于传统头巾 (中东的头饰做成方巾) 和华丽内在的马赛克图案。

Restaurant tables
Arabic inspired typographic gestures
Menu, check holder & refrigerator magnets
Takeout bag
Arab-mexican tacos
Men\\’s restroom signage
Takeout box
Arab inspired typographic gestures
Cutlery set
Arabic inspired typographic gestures
Refrigerator magnets
Women\\’s restroom signage
Promo t-shirt